Why Choose Us

SILVER OAK KIDS has a motto of Tradition to Technology.

The children learn Yoga, Surya Namaskar and various exercises.
All the festivals are celebrated in a traditional way, with traditional attires.

General Knowledge:
Experiments, Role Plays and special syllabus in environmental science, civics, etc is imparted as a part of information to the children.

Value Based Education:
Table manners along with small details about healthy vs Junk food and like ; topics on values are learnt in a play way method.

Special attention is given towards fine motor skills development of the child.

SILVER OAK KIDS is very alert with their children in terms of behavior pattern, psychological differences and social development of the child.

Why Silver Oak Kids
Silver Oak Kids has a personalized teaching methodology. The use of appropriate toys, teaching aids, and play equipment makes learning more enjoyable for children. Our methodology focuses on a child's holistic development to ensure emotional, physical, social, intellectual, creative, and spiritual evolution.
Children take time to feel comfortable out of their homes and their parents’ warmth. But hugs have the power to transform emotions. Every morning at Silver Oak Kids begins with an ear-to-ear smile and a wholehearted hug that the mentors wait to exchange with every child on the premises.
Toddlers require undivided supervision, and Silver Oak Kids understands this safety requirement. What more does a parent need more than knowing their child is safe? Our school thus maintains a state-of-the-art infrastructure with CCTV surveillance installed in every corner of the campus. Every parent has access to these cameras to revel in the joys of their children at school. With ample space on the campus, children can freely move around without the fear of bumping into things.

What We Provide

Our Services

Full Day Program

Silver Oak Kids have designed different age wise programs of Little Toddler, Nursery, Juniors and Seniors. Prescribed and planned curriculum is maintained for all four programs.

Strategic Location

Silver Oak Kids is located strategically at a very prominent location accessible to all areas around Gota, Ahmedabad.

Expert Teachers

Silver Oak Kids appoints teachers who are passionate to teach toddlers and they are trained scientifically with all teaching aids and are upgraded time and again.