Why Silveroak kids

Silver Oak Kids believes in nurturing and provide experience to children in academics and enhance their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual and creative abilities. We foster VALUE BASED EDUCATION which helps them stay rooted to their tradition and ethics. A curriculum designed for preschool which includes a variety of days, festivities, learning concepts and interaction. Silver Oak Kids focuses on Montessori principles which guides the child in self construction of his personality and knowledge.

Change is the only constant. SILVER OAK KIDS, therefore, upgrades its curriculum based on today’s educational development. With a lively environment, child-friendly equipment, modern toys, and scientifically designed games, kids learn to create, imagine, listen, and discover.Every mentor at SILVER OAK KIDS is a bundle of love, warmth, and appreciation. Our well-trained team of professionals aims to form the foundation of new-age education with an innovative teaching module and structure.

Teaching Methodology

Silver Oak Kids has a personalized teaching methodology. The use of appropriate toys, teaching aids, and play equipment makes learning more enjoyable for children. Our methodology focuses on a child's holistic development to ensure emotional, physical, social, intellectual, creative, and spiritual evolution.

A Day at SOK

Children take time to feel comfortable out of their homes and their parents’ warmth. But hugs have the power to transform emotions. Every morning at Silver Oak Kids begins with an ear-to-ear smile and a wholehearted hug that the mentors wait to exchange with every child on the premises.


Toddlers require undivided supervision, and Silver Oak Kids understands this safety requirement. What more does a parent need more than knowing their child is safe? Our school thus maintains a state-of-the-art infrastructure with CCTV surveillance installed in every corner of the campus. Every parent has access to these cameras to revel in the joys of their children at school. With ample space on the campus, children can freely move around without the fear of bumping into things.

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About us

Silveroak Group Of Institutions

Silver Oak Group of Institutions is one of the leading providers of educational services in Engineering colleges in Ahmedabad– Silver Oak College of Engineering & Technology (SOCET) and Aditya silver oak Institute of Technology (ASOIT). The Institute is ISO 9001-2008 certified and is approved by AICTE, New Delhi. These colleges are affiliated with Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

Our latest venture, SILVER OAK KIDS, provides world-class, modern, and responsive education to toddlers. Our vision is to provide children with a combination of proven, traditional principles of education with creativity, innovation, and fun. Every day at Silver Oak Kids is a day of learning in all of our programs- Little Toddler, Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG.


Child friendly spacious environment & excellent infrastructure with Well designed classroom.

Certified Tutors

Professionally qualified Teachers and trained caretakers to look after their every need.

Small Class Size

it stands to reason that each student will have three times more individual face time with their teacher.


Our activities will challenge and develop your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.

Field Trips

Taking children on field trips from provides a safe space for the enhancing of their growth- emotionally, socially, physically and academically


Celebrations and Events form an important part to bring children closer to culture and strong beliefs in customs.

What Parents Think

What People Say

Ankita Mehta - Silver Oak Kids

Parent - Silver Oak Kids

Parent - Silver Oak Kids

My experience has been great at silver Oak kids. My daughter Alori enjoys a lot. She looks forward to go to school and enjoy all the Activities and games.
I find teaching method is very encouraging. My daughter’s development was more than what I expected, across all areas intellectual, communication & extracurricular activities.
Nimisha D. Shah, Mother of Alori D. Shah
Nursery , Silver Oak kids

Our Team

Meet our Qualified Staff

Professionally qualified Teachers and trained caretakers to look after their every need. Teachers are committed to children with high grade responsibility towards them and efficient to deal with the children and their unique needs. Teachers possess well-developed pedagogical skills with deep grounding in teaching skills. Caretakers are trained well in handling the children gently, hygienically and portray the deep love towards them and their needs.

The “Didis” on our campus are caring and very maternal. They ensure children get frequent visits to the washroom, teach them how to use the amenities inside a bathroom, and safely drop them back to their respective classrooms. Every “Didi” is forever ready to help clean up immediately after activities and break time to keep the campus sparkling clean.

Our Programs

Little Toddler

Silver Oak Kid’s Little Toddler program finds its footing in Montessori Education. This method instills strong concepts of language, mathematics, social studies, science, and self-care in a manner that children remember can remember forever. In this program, toddlers learn the value of discipline and concentration. They spend their time learning with aids like sorting, beading, and coloring.

Children between the age group of 1.8 to 2.5 are eligible for the Little Toddler program. At this inquisitive age, children grasp things easily and learn to make their first friends.


Silver Oak Kids adopts a play-way method to nurture the children enrolled in the Nursery program. Children partake in activities like clay modeling, painting, learning about the alphabet using toys, number games, etc. By the end of this program, children prepare for a more disciplined environment and formal education, making their settling down process in their higher grades easier. Nursery children receive an enriched environment, intellectual stimulation, and plenty of opportunities to socialize with classmates.

Children above the age of 2.6 are eligible for the Nursery program. By this age, children are ready for substantial learning. Hence, they learn in a way that helps them retain and implement these concepts for life.

Junior KG

The Junior KG program at Silver Oak Kids gives your children the wings of writing. In this grade, children will learn to read and write in English and Hindi language. They will also learn to write numbers using the Number Value Systems. Intelligence doesn’t just come from languages but also from knowing things around you. Our Junior KG Program includes subjects like General Knowledge and Environmental Studies for well-rounded learning.
Visual treats, creative activities, and special attention to oration are some other USPs of this program.

Children above the age of 3.6 are eligible for this program. This is when the fun age begins with children discovering new things, making more friends, and building stronger relationships. The things they’ll start saying will surprise you more often than you can imagine.

Senior KG

Silver Oak Kids’ Senior KG Program is a stage for children to explore new areas and acquire skills in various areas and subjects, including value education. The focus of this program is on enhancing a child’s attention span to accelerate their learning process. As children reach the end of this program, they are ready to embrace extensive studies in the higher grades.

When in Senior KG, children learn to read and write complete sentences, use innovative learning tools, and solve fundamental, complexmathematical problems. This program uses a child-centric approach considering every child’s unique capacity and capability.

Children above the age of 4.6 are eligible for this program. It is the perfect age to prepare them for this world and give their coordinating skills a gentle, developing push.


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Admission Form duly filled

Copy of Birth Certificate

Child's 6 passport size photographs

Each Parents' 3 passport size photographs and address proof



Preschool Market:-

Preparative a Preschool is one of the most profitable franchise opportunities in India which offers high returns on low investment. The years ahead will witness significant growth in the preschool sector with increase in demand for branded preschools over unorganized ones.

  • The Preschool market in India is estimated to be Rs. 15,000 cr by 2019.
  • Branded Preschools are rapidly growing @ 48% yearly. One of the fastest growing segments in the education space.
  • Comparatively less investment required to start up a preschool as compared to other franchise businesses.
  • Expected Return of Investment (ROI) in a preschool business is more than 200% over a period of 5 years.

The key factors behind the increase in demand for preschool education in India are:-

  • Indian consumer becoming highly aware and conscious about the importance of early childhood education.
  • Higher propensity to spend on education by parents.
  • Increased awareness to send children to preschools to develop and prepare for K12 admissions.
  • Increasing demand for scientifically developed preschool curriculum.

Privileged Support Giving to a SOK Business Partner:-

  • License to use SOK Brand, most innovative preschool chain in India
  • Property Acquisition
  • Infrastructure Development: Access to expert advice for identifying suitable location, and setting up world-class preschool infrastructure
  • Marketing and Branding Support across the year to increase preschool admissions
  • Education Content
  • IT & Administration: Access to IT/Software Systems to manage preschool operations
  • Human Resource Recruitment: Support in preschool staff selection, teacher training, performance monitoring and feedback
  • Guidance on operating a Day Care Center and activity center
  • Quality audits and Personalized Support resulting in higher profits

We hope this helps! If you have any further queries, please feel free to call / write back. We look forward to welcoming you to the SOK family!

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